Creating a feature shadow gap

The specification on this job were ‘no skirting boards’. This meant we were asked to create a feature shadow gap at the bottom of the wall. We created this by fixing stop beads around the base of the wall and plastering to that line.

shadow1                        shadow2                        shadow4  shadow5       shadow6        shadow3

Check those Qualifications….

I’m proud of the fact that I served a 3 1/2 year indentured apprenticeship which involved being taught on the job by a fully qualified plasterer as well as going to college to gain a certified and recognised qualification through City and Guilds. Not just Craft Certificate level but also to Advanced Craft level. I feel this gives plasterers like me a sense of job satisfaction and also the knowledge and skills to provide the customer with the service and quality you deserve. There are a fair few unqualified pretenders out there that will undercut proper tradesmen and will usually get it totally wrong. If you are going to consider using any tradesmen that are new to you and haven’t come recommended by a friend then my advise is to check them out. There is noting wrong with asking for proof of their qualifications. Ask to see their previous work if possible. Check out their reviews. And certainly don’t accept poor quality work.

One of my customers had a builder carry out alterations at their home and part of the price was to include his recommended plasterer carry out the plastering. As you can see from the following pictures, the work was very poor. Luckily the home owner had the courage to front out the builder and refuse to accept this poor standard. I was called in the rectify the work and the ‘plasterer’ was made to pay my bill. This meant not only had he worked for no wage that day but he also had to pay me to put his work right. Hopefully this will be a lesson he will learn from and he will either up his standard or realise he’s not actually a plasterer…

rough1                rough2                    rough5 rough3             rough4

rough7                   rough8                   rough9

Feature Fire Opening in North Leeds

One of our customers recently employed us to create a lovely feature opening in their dining room after the old gas fire had been removed. This is the end product, making a great place to have flowers, candles or any other object that helps bring your room to life