Hairline crack? Bit of scrim? No… It’s slightly worse than that

We had a call from a customer who had a crack in his wall. A previous plasterer had ‘fixed it’. And the crack came back..

I suggested that we remove the area to investigate the reason there was a crack as they don’t just appear for no reason. It turned out the other plasterer had just put some self adhesive plasterboard tape over the cracked surface and skimmed the wall. When we looked we found that it actually needed some reinforcement work before re-plastering. Getting the job done right first time really will save you time and money




Creating a feature shadow gap

The specification on this job were ‘no skirting boards’. This meant we were asked to create a feature shadow gap at the bottom of the wall. We created this by fixing stop beads around the base of the wall and plastering to that line.

shadow1                        shadow2                        shadow4  shadow5       shadow6        shadow3

Insurance Work after the Christmas floods



We were called out to help a customer in Kirkstall who had the misfortune of being affected by the flooding that happened over the Christmas period. It left their premises soaked and in need of some serious re-plastering. For this project we were employed to remove all of the plaster before allowing it to fully dry out before the reinstating of thermal insulation plasterboards and skimming the rooms out. The plastering is now complete and the joiner has followed us in to fit new skirtings, architraves and doors. The customer is starting to rebuild their business and hopefully they won’t have to face this devastation again.

Here are a collection of photos taken throughout the project

photo 1 - Copy (3)photo 1 - Copy (6)

 photophoto 5

     photo 3 - Copy (4)photo 3 - Copy (6)

photo 2 - Copy (6)

photo 1 - Copy (4)photo 4 - Copy (3)

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photo 1 - Copy (10)