Creating a feature shadow gap

The specification on this job were ‘no skirting boards’. This meant we were asked to create a feature shadow gap at the bottom of the wall. We created this by fixing stop beads around the base of the wall and plastering to that line.

shadow1                        shadow2                        shadow4  shadow5       shadow6        shadow3

Feature Fire Opening in North Leeds

One of our customers recently employed us to create a lovely feature opening in their dining room after the old gas fire had been removed. This is the end product, making a great place to have flowers, candles or any other object that helps bring your room to life



Plastering a Curved Ceiling and Alcove

A recent project for one of our customers saw us having to plaster an existing lathed curved ceiling. This was done using 3mm flexible plasterboards, bonding plaster and a lot of expertise

This is the type of work that having a Level 3 Advanced Craft qualification prepares you for.

All in all, another very happy customer.


    curve13                                                        curve12