We’ve passed the quality test..

In March 2017 we passed the rigorous vetting system by British Gypsum. This is the biggest manufacturer of plaster products in the UK and basically they wrote the rules of how to apply plaster systems correctly. They have decided that we are applying and using their products correctly and to a very high standard. We are now on their directory of Certified Plasterers. This means that you can use us, safe in the knowledge that any plaster applied by us will be done correctly and to the book. There are a lot of cowboy/chancers out there willing to do a shabby job, get your money and be gone faster than they came. We are dedicating ourselves to ensure that the work we do is spot on and will last. That was the reason we applied for this accreditation. With it you get the satisfaction of knowing that all of our work comes with a 2 year guarantee that is backed by the plaster manufacturers themselves.

Hopefully this should help to sway you towards using PG Plastering (Leeds) Limited and not one of the fly by nights that are out there. It doesn’t mean an increase in our prices but it does mean you know you are getting exactly what you are paying for, a good job done at a fair price

Hairline crack? Bit of scrim? No… It’s slightly worse than that

We had a call from a customer who had a crack in his wall. A previous plasterer had ‘fixed it’. And the crack came back..

I suggested that we remove the area to investigate the reason there was a crack as they don’t just appear for no reason. It turned out the other plasterer had just put some self adhesive plasterboard tape over the cracked surface and skimmed the wall. When we looked we found that it actually needed some reinforcement work before re-plastering. Getting the job done right first time really will save you time and money




External Rendering using Parex Monocouche Render

With an slight upturn with the weather last week we decided to set about a rendering job in Boston Spa. For this contract we used Parex Monorex GM.

The house took on a great transformation after we had completed it